Matt Bomer, Mark Ruffalo, Jim Parsons and Taylor Kitsch share why they wanted to be part of Ryan Murphy’s drama that took 30 years to make.

“One of my big hopes is that people whoi did not experience it directly will A have an understanding of what people went through at that time, but even more importantly, that fact that gay mens health crisis and ACT Up really catalyzed the gay rights movement,” says Bomer. “We really stand on the shoulders of these people for the rights we have today.”


Even as Larry Kramer, the lifelong gay activist, worked with producer and director Ryan Murphy on the HBO adaptation of Kramer’s 1985 play The Normal Heart, which premieres May 25, Kramer kept asking the question: Why did it take so long? Why, he lamented, did it take so long to make the play into a film?

For Kramer, now 78, The Normal Heart — set in the early, terrifying days of AIDS when gay men in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles were dying of mysterious and rare diseases like Kaposi’s sarcoma — was always more than just a play. Its plot told of how Ned Weeks, Kramer’s alter ego, rallied then alienated his fellow gay activists who banded together in the battle against AIDS. It also served as a furious denunciation of the institutions — from The New York Times to the New York mayor’s office to the federal government — that Kramer blamed for initially ignoring the escalating epidemic; it was an urgent call for gay men to fight back to save their lives; and, nearly 30 years before the Supreme Court opened the door to federal recognition of same-sex marriage, it envisioned a world in which two gay men could wed.

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The Normal Heart, premieres Sunday, May 25th at 9PM/8C, only on HBO.

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March 28, 2014

I have added a new photo session from Sundance.

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The film, which sold for around $7 million in Toronto, is now called “Begin Again”

Alas, audiences will now never find out whether a song can save their lives.

Filmmaker John Carney’s 80′s -set musical drama “Can a Song Save Your Life?” was the big hit at last fall’s Toronto International Film Festival, garnering a standing ovation and the biggest deal of TIFF: $7 million and a rumored $20 million marketing budget from The Weinstein Company. Apparently, the belief was that the movie, which stars Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley, would be easier to market with a new title.

Now, the movie will be known as “Begin Again,” and will begin its public push under that name as the closing night picture at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 26.

About a pair of musicians (Knightley and Adam Levine) who move to New York, and the rise and fall of relationships that follow their move to the big city (that’s where Mark Ruffalo comes in), the film closes a festival that will be kicked off with “Time is Illmatic,” a documentary about NYC rapper Nas.

“This beautiful music infused New York story encompasses the spirit of Tribeca where music, film and performance play such a key part of this year’s program,” Jane Rosenthal, CEO and co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival, said in a statement. “To be able to work with our neighbor and dear friend Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company to bring this film to U.S. audiences for the first time is a bonus for our entire community.”

This year’s festival slate is led by films written by Joss Whedon and Nicole Holofcener, as well the directorial debut of actors Courteney Cox and Chris Messina. Other stars with films in the festival include Elizabeth Banks, Aubrey Plaza, Robin Williams, Max Greenfield, and more.


The Avengers: Age of Ultron began shooting last month in South Africa, and the Hulk was front and center … at least, in spirit: A giant green Hulk head on a pole was used to terrorize extras and onlookers during a scene of mass destruction. Was the Hulk’s mild-mannered portrayer, Mark Ruffalo, on set as well? “The Twitter-verse is all alive with that [question]!” said Ruffalo last night when Vulture caught up with him at Peggy Siegel’s party for the HBO series Doll & Em. “I actually already shot a lot of that stuff, we did it on motion capture, so we did a lot of that on a stage. So they’re doing all the [background] plates for that now in South Africa, and then I start work in mid-April.” That will give Ruffalo his first opportunity to reunite with the newly pregnant Scarlett Johansson — “They’re going to shoot a lot of closeups [of her],” explained the actor — as well as Robert Downey Jr., whose rapport with Ruffalo in the first Avengers movie inspired the BFF-y Science Bros. fandom. Will we get more Bruce-Tony one-on-ones in the sequel? “I’m guessing you will,” teased Ruffalo, who just read the script. As for the rampant rumors that Bruce Banner may have a legitimate love interest this time around, Ruffalo’s wide grin told the tale. “That may or may not be true,” he said coyly.


I have added photos of Mark and Sunrise attending HBO’s Doll & Em Screening Afterparty last night in New York.

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I have added photos of Mark attending The Milwaukee Bucks Vs New York Knicks Game yesterday.

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