Testosterone Supplements and Infertility

Testosterone Supplements and Infertility

Low testosterone levels cause decline in sexual desire and erectile dysfunction, which may eventually lead to difficulty to conceive. Thus, people tend to think that taking testosterone supplements can be used to treat infertility. However, science says it’s not a good plan towards getting pregnant.

When an individual takes testosterone supplements, it is given that their testosterone levels will increase. This will cause increase in libido. In such cases, strong sexual desire and increase in coitus will not lead to more chances of getting a baby. Since the testosterone levels are already up, the brain will stop signalling for production of more testosterone. This will eventually lead to decline in sperm count. With low amount of sperm to fertilize the eggs, there would be reduced chance of getting pregnant (link hier).

The feedback mechanism should be understood by individuals when taking testosterone supplements. Instead of addressing infertility problems, taking testosterone supplements may actually cause more fertility concerns. Because of the feedback mechanism, studies are being conducted to use testosterone supplements as birth control in men.

Instead of using testosterone supplements, healthcare specialists may recommend other supplements to treat infertility. These include gonadotropin injections to prompt the testes to produce more testosterone and sperm. Initially, a test to check the number of sperm count is conducted. When the number is found low, the next step is to check the testosterone levels. When the testosterone level is also found to be below normal level, the doctor will recommend gonadotropin injections and change in lifestyle. If the patient is obese, a diet plan and regular exercise will be suggested. Obese men usually have low levels of testosterone. This is because excess body fat converts testosterone to estrogen. Thus, decrease in weight will definitely help in increasing testosterone and the patient’s ability to conceive.



   There are many testosterone supplements out there, some of them function, others do not, but what they all have in common is being expensive. And if someone told you that you are wasting your time by looking for something expensive, while you already have it in your kitchen? The most effective options are often the cheapest ones. Curcumin appears to be one of them.

It may come as a surprise to many, but it has been scientifically proven that increases the natural testosterone production. Not only that, but it also reacts as estrogen inhibitor.

It should be mentioned, however, that all studies indicating these beneficial effects have been conducted on the rats, and not humans, but there appears to be the causal link (weiterlesen).

Poor absorption is considered to be the major downside to using curcumin. It is very difficult for our digestive system to apsorb orally ingested curcumine. But some studies have shown that when curcumin is taken with a small amount of black pepper, its absorption shows a staggering increase. Therefore, it is always advisable to take the small amount of black pepper along with curcumin in order to improve its absorption. Recommended dosage is one grain of black pepper, per three grains of curcumin.

Indeed, it appears to be a very powerful plant for boosting testosterone levels, and keeping low estrogen levels at the same time. It also protects cardiovascular system and helps with the prevention of breast cancer and colon cancer among the others.

On top of that, it is very cheap. So, maybe you should consider buying its organic version, since you are not going to spend much anyway.

You can add curcumin to many dishes, like rice or salads, or just dissolve it into the water and drink it. Just remember to mix it with the black pepper before use and proceed to enjoy its many benefits.

many testosterone supplements

Creatine supplement

Creatine supplement

strength and muscle testosterone

    Creatine is composed of three amino-acids: arginine, methionine and glycine. Research studies have shown that creatine increases muscle mass and improves endurance. Creatine helps your muscles in many ways, and one of them is loading the reserves of ATP energy. The more ATP energy you have, the longer your intensive trainings will last. It also results in larger quantities of water being deposited in the muscles, which makes them better defined. Studies have also proven that creatine increases factor IGF- 1, anabolic hormone playing in important role in the muscle growth.

Use 2- 5 grams of creatine before and after the training. It will help your body to load the reserves of energy faster, resulting in a larger number of reps in the gym. On your training days, you are advised to use it with fast-absorbing carbohydrates to improve its absorption, and when you are not in training you can use it without them.

It is the most studied supplement, and with extensive  research pointing out its many benefits. Its main benefit is that it it converts common testosterone into five times more powerful  Dyhydrotestosterone( DHT).

It also has minimal side affects, but you should be aware that excessive dosage could disturb kidney function and result in other health problems, and its use is not advised to men suffering from kidney or liver diseases. Also, since it increases water around the cells,  you sweat a lot, and that comes with the risk of dehydration because the water is trapped within the cells. Some users (but not many) have reported that they suffered from myalgia( muscle pain) after stopping using it. Among its pros is recognized efficiency, cheapness, and the fact that it yields great long-term results. International Olympic Committee approves its use, so you can taking without being afraid that you will fail your doping test.


P6 Black Extreme

P6 Black Extreme

    Without any doubt, going to the gym can be a pleasant and stimulating experience. However, a downside to it could be the lack of results, and the waste of all these hours that you have put into pushing your body to its limits.

Sadly, that is the problem that a lot of people encounter, and the reason could be that your testosterone levels have started to decrease. That could result in the feelings of depression, irritation and the lack of sexual desire.

So, many people resort to supplements as their solution to the problem, and P6 Black Extreme appears to combine increased hormone levels, with improved concentration. Company that produces it, Cellucor, is noted for its innovative approach, and quality ingredients that it uses.

It suggests taking 3 pills half an hour before a training, or with your first breakfast in the morning. Unfortunately, many of these ingredients are hidden within compounds, so you can be sure what exactly are you taking. Important thing to note is that one of them, Androstendione (DHEA) is prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency, so you should refrain from using the product if you are a professional athlete.

P6 Black Extreme comes with the number of side effects including acne, loss of hair, facial hair in women or increased levels of estrogen in men.

It includes the most important testosterone boosters such as zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, or alpha GPC( memory and concentration booster) but the fact that it also includes some illegal substances could turn off many people, and the same goes for recommended periods of pause after taking a certain dosage.  Among its hailed features is the inclusion of nootropics( smart drugs) resulting in a better concentration in the gym, and the interacion between magnesium and D-aspartic acid which has been proven to lead to a better absorption.