P6 Black Extreme

P6 Black Extreme

    Without any doubt, going to the gym can be a pleasant and stimulating experience. However, a downside to it could be the lack of results, and the waste of all these hours that you have put into pushing your body to its limits.

Sadly, that is the problem that a lot of people encounter, and the reason could be that your testosterone levels have started to decrease. That could result in the feelings of depression, irritation and the lack of sexual desire.

So, many people resort to supplements as their solution to the problem, and P6 Black Extreme appears to combine increased hormone levels, with improved concentration. Company that produces it, Cellucor, is noted for its innovative approach, and quality ingredients that it uses.

It suggests taking 3 pills half an hour before a training, or with your first breakfast in the morning. Unfortunately, many of these ingredients are hidden within compounds, so you can be sure what exactly are you taking. Important thing to note is that one of them, Androstendione (DHEA) is prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency, so you should refrain from using the product if you are a professional athlete.

P6 Black Extreme comes with the number of side effects including acne, loss of hair, facial hair in women or increased levels of estrogen in men.

It includes the most important testosterone boosters such as zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, or alpha GPC( memory and concentration booster) but the fact that it also includes some illegal substances could turn off many people, and the same goes for recommended periods of pause after taking a certain dosage.  Among its hailed features is the inclusion of nootropics( smart drugs) resulting in a better concentration in the gym, and the interacion between magnesium and D-aspartic acid which has been proven to lead to a better absorption.