Creatine supplement

Creatine supplement

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    Creatine is composed of three amino-acids: arginine, methionine and glycine. Research studies have shown that creatine increases muscle mass and improves endurance. Creatine helps your muscles in many ways, and one of them is loading the reserves of ATP energy. The more ATP energy you have, the longer your intensive trainings will last. It also results in larger quantities of water being deposited in the muscles, which makes them better defined. Studies have also proven that creatine increases factor IGF- 1, anabolic hormone playing in important role in the muscle growth.

Use 2- 5 grams of creatine before and after the training. It will help your body to load the reserves of energy faster, resulting in a larger number of reps in the gym. On your training days, you are advised to use it with fast-absorbing carbohydrates to improve its absorption, and when you are not in training you can use it without them.

It is the most studied supplement, and with extensive  research pointing out its many benefits. Its main benefit is that it it converts common testosterone into five times more powerful  Dyhydrotestosterone( DHT).

It also has minimal side affects, but you should be aware that excessive dosage could disturb kidney function and result in other health problems, and its use is not advised to men suffering from kidney or liver diseases. Also, since it increases water around the cells,  you sweat a lot, and that comes with the risk of dehydration because the water is trapped within the cells. Some users (but not many) have reported that they suffered from myalgia( muscle pain) after stopping using it. Among its pros is recognized efficiency, cheapness, and the fact that it yields great long-term results. International Olympic Committee approves its use, so you can taking without being afraid that you will fail your doping test.