It’s not often that vegetarians and vegan encounter trouble in sticking to their eating habits overseas, but for Mark Ruffalo, it was a nightmare.

While filming the new movie The Brothers Bloom in Serbia, the actor confessed that being a vegetarian in Eastern Europe had been nearly impossible. “We ate a lot of what they call Shopska salads which was the only thing I could eat in all of Serbia because that’s the only thing that doesn’t have meat in it,” he told the UK Metro. “It was really sad for me there,” he added.

Making matters worse, every time he let locals know that he was a vegetarian, he was accosted. “When I told them I was vegetarian they were like ‘you must be from America because nobody here would ever be vegetarian – we tear you vegetarians to pieces and eat you!’. Apart from that we had a nice time!”

Note to self: Avoid Serbia.

Source: Ecorazzi

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3 Responses to “Mark Ruffalo’s Vegetarian Nightmare In Serbia”


hola mark!!!!!

Soy vanessa de Mexico, solo queri decirte que me encantas, me encanta tu trabajo, y tooodo lo que haces!!! paso la vida esperando encontrar a lguien como tu! eres el hombre mas sexy que he visto en toda mi vida, me encantas!!!!!!!

May 24, 09 at 1:05 am


There are plenty of veggie options in Serbia. All he had to do was say he was fasting, and they would have served him plenty of lenten goodies. And, if he isn’t vegan, there are plenty of tasty dishes made with cheeses, yogurts, creams, etc. As for the joke about eating him, that’s Eastern European black humour for you… Mark Ruffalo is tasty, though… yum yum :)

May 25, 09 at 12:38 am


That’s really cruel, my best friend is a vegetarian. And I’m not, but whenever she comes to eat, it’s so easy to make a good healthy dish for her. Not always the same thing. Stupid guys there in Serbia. Saying they wanna tear him apart and eat him. Kinda sick….
Just like my best friend he’s a great person…..

Nov 21, 13 at 3:53 pm


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